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Father of two, software developer, wannabe solarpunk+minimalist.

Sainsmart 1.8 display + Rasperry Pi

1 min read

Recently I bougt one of those tiny Sainsmart 1.8 inch displays to use it as a secondary monitor for my Kodi-based (raspian) media center in the living room.

The setup was pretty easy and fbi showed up pictures on the display five minutes after I got the wiring done. \o/

The problems started when I tried to run some demo pygame code on it. All I got was an error I did not understand because everything was setup correctly.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 19, in 
pygame.error: No video mode large enough for 128x160

After fiddling around for a while, I created the file /etc/fbmodes with the following content:

mode "128×160"
geometry 128 160 128 160 16
timings 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Works for me. Errors gone. =)

Plug love

1 min read

So I just finished Ch. 5 "Authenticating Users" in the Programming Phoenix book and after coding along the examples of ten pages, on the last page of this chapter I was like "Wait a sec, where do they persist the session data?!" and then I discovered this gem:


My little sons first VIM session ...

1 min read

I am ... very impressed by his skills, but does anybody know which language this could be?

This stuff seems to be a thing these days ... :)

Finally someone did it, thx! Still missing an RSS feed though.


1 min read

Fefe bloggte gerade über ein Problem von dem ich bisher eigentlich dachte, dass es so gut wie jedem halbwegs profesionellen Softwareentwickler bekannt wäre, aber es ist immer schön wenn auch einer der Großen nochmal ein Wörtchen darüber verliert.


Jetzt müsste die Erkenntnis nur noch im Management ankommen ... .


Wurde gestern komisch angeguckt, stimmt aber

Könnt ihr Wallpaper? Dann helft doch dem Plasma-Projekt (#KDE). Vielen Dank. :)