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Clothing simplified

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A frequent reader of /r/minimalism will notice that clothing is often a starting point for aspiring minimalists ... for obvious reasons. :)

Although I am not very fashion-conscious I recently was fed up with low quality t-shirts that would not last more than three washes.  When it comes to a good bang for your buck nothing beats Puma t-shirts, but I have bought this stuff since ever (change for a reliable source of quality clothing wanted) and my wife was also looking for some replacements.

I remembered an interview with Wolfang Grupp I read several months ago and his company Trigema. They produce sportswear  "100% made in Germany" for a reasonable price tag. They also promote a worker friendly image, big plus for that if true. Social? Check. Ecological? Check. Qualitiy? Open.

We went to a factory outlet and the first thing I noticed was the looks we got from all those older people. :) But the second look showed me a store that was perfectly sorted. You find shelf by shelf of clothes ordered first by their type (hoodie, t-shirt, ... ), than by their material (cotton, bio-cotton, mixed fabric, ...), than by size and at least by color. The little obsessive in me made a big jump with joy. :)

Also they have some nice merino-wool stuff that has a good fitting for a nice price tag.

We took a bunch of clothes with us, in different sizes and fabrics. The fit is nice, the colors are good and all the material feels really sturdy. I am curios for the long-term test.

PS: If you read this Trigema, what about an subscription model like lot2046 does it? I would like that.